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One of the finest hotel in Sri Lanka with the best of dinning, accommodation and entertainment facilities. Come! Delight & breathe the fresh air of ancient Polonnaruwa.

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Mahanuge hotel is situated in the ancient city of Polonnaruwa which is located ancient ruins and cultural features that reflect the local heritage in Sri Lanka. The hotel Mahanuge offers an outdoor restaurant with swimming pool, tour arrangement for the ancient sites, arrangement of cycling tours, In-room dining and massage services which is the perfect way to relax to our guests

We have capacity to largest group of guest in the Polonnaruwa area with 3 types of beautifully designed rooms with all facilities to satisfy our customer expectations. You can enjoy the generous open space of the beautiful landscape gardens and beautiful views of the stunning Bediwewa Lake which is situated near to the Mahanuge hotel.


About Banyan Tree

Banyan also called as Indian banyan or banyan fig, unusually shaped tree of the mulberry family. There are many banyan trees in Sri Lanka which created natural beauty. In Sri Lankan this tree called as Nuga tree. The banyan reaches a height up to 100 feet and spreads indefinitely. New roots are growing from its branches and take root in the soil to become new trunks. Widely spread banyan branches provide shade and keep the environment cool. Old banyan trees can spread laterally over a wide area. The roots of the banyan tree develop over a considerable area.

Every trunk connected directly or indirectly to the primary trunk of the banyan tree. Banyan tree has an age of a thousand years. The banyan tree can survive long periods of time and many banyan trees can be seen in the dry zone in Sri Lanka. It creates natural beauty to the environment. Red flowers of banyan tree will make beautiful view of the visitors. Hotel Mahanuge has a very old banyan tree and it has been created more attractive view of the hotel. The old banyan tree that is located in the hotel cause to the crate the name of the hotel as “Hotel Mahanuge”.

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It`s a very good and comfortable hotel with attentive and friendly staff. The meal in the restaurant is delicious. We were happy very much to be in this place with our children and friends. Thank You!

Anne Smith


The place is one of the best hotels that I have been to in terms of cleanliness, quality, facilities and customer service. The staff were very helpful to us and accommodated most of our additional requests. The most notable item was their food. Their foods were really amazing.

Harry Jeris